Monday, October 8, 2012

Wacktober-Stealth Cosplay #1

Hello, lovelies! I have had a ton of work and school, so I haven't been around much lately, but I want to continue trying out my theme months, and for this, one of our favorite darkly delightful months, I have decided to do "Wack-Tober", with things that are a little unusual-even for me. :) I've decided to start off with a series of stealth cosplays-that is, I know I'm dressed as a character, but only the very clever or perceptive people around me realize unless I tell them. Today's was a female version of the Tenth Doctor, and in fact could easily have been mistaken for a Stripetember entry, thanks to the pinstripes. Here's the original I was emulating:
And here's mine:
Black and white chalk-stripe jacket-Arc
Black tank-TJ Maxx
Black buckled pinstripe corset-Punk69
Black pinstripe skirt-Old Navy
Black tights-Wal-Mart
Black and white sneakers-Arc
These shoes are pretty much the closest thing I have to Converse. The 10th Doctor wore brown suits a lot, but he also wore navy and black once in a while, and the dynamic, dressy-yet-active combination of the suits with the sneakers makes me very happy. Not much else to say, except that secretly knowing you're dressed like a 900-year-old Time Lord does have a way of brightening up your day. :) 


  1. I believe that you, of all people, will appreciate my Halloween costume.

  2. I love the Jacket.
    Tennant's my favourite doctor. Have you seen the most recent series?