Monday, September 3, 2012

Stripe-tember: A Subtle Beginning

So, I mentioned this briefly and rather opaquely a few posts back, but over the next three months, I'm going to be doing something a little different with my blog and outfits. If you're a longtime reader, you may have noticed that last year, I would do theme weeks around a specific color or idea. This time, I'm going a little more ambitious: I'm doing theme months. I'm starting today with Stripe-tember, which is based around the premise that every outfit that I wear this month is going to incorporate some kind of stripe. Sounds simple, right? Stripes are a staple of the Goth wardrobe, especially notable in the the design of Tim Burton movies and not a few of Edward Gorey's drawings. From subtle pinstripes to bold inch-wide black-and-whites to a rainbow of striped socks, I have TONS of stripes in my wardrobe-but how to incorporate them into different kinds of outfits? How to wear them day after day without getting repetitive in my looks? Therein lies the challenge!

If anyone's interested in joining me (for a day, though you can try for the whole month if you're ambitious!) I'm going to have a multi-blog event in the line of Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme Day, or The Dancing Maenad's Monthly Homework Assignment, on the 20th of the month. Bring out your stripiest finery and show me what you've got! More details forthcoming as I make them, as the event comes closer. And now for today's outfit:
Black and silver pinstriped blouse-Arc
Black ruffled vest-Recycle Boutique
Black lacy skirt-Goodwill
Black tights-God knows where
Black heels-Wal-Mart
This is indeed a very subtle beginning; but I promise, there are silver pinstripes on the blouse. Look, here:

I had a good reason for keeping it more subtle today, as I was attending the memorial service of a close friend of the family. He was 89 years old and a dear, fantastic man who brought light to everyone around him. He played five instruments and offered me support and guidance when I was just a scared, lonely, weird teenager. He always gave me compliments on my outfits; once, when I was wearing my Iron Fist vampire heels he told me "Those are the neatest shoes I've ever seen-if they came in my size, I'd like a pair." I dressed it down and demure for his funeral because I am a firm believer in old-fashioned ettiquette and dressing appropriately for the occasion, but secretly, I think, if I'd have worn something very bright and fabulous, he would have enjoyed it. My outfits have often drawn scorn from some older people in my hometown's community, so it was unspeakably wonderful to have someone who appreciated them-and me-exactly as I am. R.I.P., Homer. Me and my shoes will  miss you, your brilliant sense of humor, and your wonderful and heartfelt compliments and support. 


  1. Cool idea! I love stripes, I need more! :)

  2. I have lots of pinstripes to choose from.

  3. Oh what a lovely idea! Stripe-tember - I love it! I will definitely join you on the 20th!