Monday, September 17, 2012

Black And White Stripegavanza!

Hello, lovelies! Sorry I've been absent for a while but schoolwork and costume-making have combined to kick my ass pretty thoroughly for the past week. Never fear, though-I've got ALL THE BLACK AND WHITE STIPES for you! 
Pearl necklace-NZ Artist's market
Black and white striped shirt-Repeat Boutique
Black crinkly skirt-Arc
Black flats-Target
Today's fare-simple enough. A comfy black and white striped shirt that I just love, and my favorite three-fabric black crinkled Gypsy skirt. 

Striped blazer-Forever21
Black t-shirt-Forever21
White satin skirt with fishnet overlay-Paper Bag Princess
Black flowered flats-Recycle Boutique
I liked this combo. I initially wasn't sure how the stripes would work with the fishnet, but I ended up really liking the effect!

Black Lip Service dress-Buffalo Exchange
Black and white striped leggings-Recycle Boutique
Black flower slides-Recycle Boutique
I really like this dress, but it doesn't get worn much because it's shorter than I'm really comfortable with. Solution? These lovely leggings! Aren't they just the bee's knees? 
And finally-this probably looks a little costume-y, even for me. Probably because it's a costume!

White shirt-DAV thrift
Black and white striped vest-made by me
Black leggings-Wal-Mart
Black pirate boots-DAV thrift
Aren't the boots adorable? They inspired me to make a steampunk pirate costume for Nan Desu Kan. Sadly, they were also not that comfortable and I ended up swapping them out for my Doc-alikes from Wal-Mart before I left for the con proper. But they were fun to wear and I'm determined to build up my tolerance for 'em. Also sadly, the fact that the b/w striped fabric the vest is made of was 67 cents a yard on clearance at Wal-Mart definitely showed-it split along one of the seams just from raveling. But that's ok-the vest was fun while it lasted, and I finally found a b/w stripe cotton on EBay that I'm going to use to make another version of the same vest. It made a great "wearable muslin"-that is, cheap fabric you use to test a pattern and fit it, before you use good or expensive fabric! It'll be nice to have one that isn't so shiny. :) 

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  1. 4 gorgeous outfits :) I particularly love the blazer in the 2nd pic <3 xx