Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pin-up, Von Teese Style

Like a lot of Goth girls, I love (and look up to!) the lovely Dita Von Teese. She has such a lovely, feminine style with a large dash of dark modern whimsy, and I just adore it. In particular, I really admire this toile dress of hers.
I think it's just gorgeous; I love toile prints (more on that later this week) and the print on top of the fifties-inspired dress cut is just fantastic. So when I saw this great Shrine dress at Buffalo Exchange that reminded me strongly of this dress, I of course had to get it: 
Lace Shrug-Love Culture
Shrine print dress-Buffalo Exchange
Black underbust-Punk69
Black tights-Wal-Mart
Chunky black shoes-Repeat Boutique
This is one of Shrine's ballerina dresses, which retail for around $140 according to my research. So not too bad to get such an amazing piece for almost 90% off! There are two small stains on the skirt, but...oh well. :) I love the flirtiness of the cut and the boldness of the fabric. Like Dita's sexy toile dress, it just radiates contrast in the best possible way, which I love. So on Day 2 of my pin-up week, I pay homage to one of the coolest pin-up girls around. Thanks, Dita! 

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