Friday, June 8, 2012

Red and Black Week: The Finale

This is it, folks: The grand finale! I can't believe it's already been six days. I've been introduced to so many great blogs through this event, and gained a few new followers too. Thanks, guys! And welcome! I thought since this is the last day, I'd do a two-fer, day to night. I had this red and black "day" outfit from a couple weeks ago, when I was photographing my outfits but didn't have the chance to blog a lot of them:
Bat necklace-Asian Gifts
Black long-sleeved top-Salvation Army
Maroon underbust corset-Canal Boat Trading
Long red skirt-Recycle Boutique
Fishnet gloves-CoinMax
Black boots-The Warehouse
Pretty simple look-I like to think my boots and fishnet gloves give it a little "edge" but I like the elegant Victorian air of it!

And here we have the "night" outfit, for a friend's birthday party:
(Excuse the derpy expression on my face; I really don't know why I look like that! Also excuse my bangs; don't trim your bangs with safety scissors yourself because you got annoyed with them being in your eyes, kiddos.)
Caduceus necklace-Salvation Army
Red and black corset-Punk69
Black lace dress-Buffalo Exchange
Black and red stripe tights-Wal-Mart
Chunky Mary Janes-The Warehouse
A little less sedate and reserved, a little punk mixed with elegance. I feel like this is really "me"-a little whimsical and childlike mixed with a little elegant and sexy. Best of both worlds! Do any of the rest of you like to blend your favorite Goth looks for something that's uniquely you?
And many thanks to the amazing VictorianKitty for putting this whole thing together. We all love you and your awesome blog! 


  1. Nice outfits, I love the second corset; Stripy socks! Stripes is one of my favourite patterns.

  2. Great outfits! :) Especially the second one! That corset is so cute. :3


  3. See, I KNEW every Goth girl had a red corset with black contrast channels. ;) I absolutely love the ruffled trim on yours, and the superior shaping thanks to the steel boning!

    awww! *blush* I'm SO delighted that everyone had such fun this week!