Thursday, June 7, 2012

Read and Black

I'm very sorry about the pun, you guys. I just can't ever pass up the chance to make one, no matter how groan-inducingly bad they are. Here, have the pretty Red and Black week logo to make you feel better:

And here's the actual outfit, which is only moderately pun-worthy:
Red headscarf-inherited
Playing card necklace-Gift from a friend
Black wrap dress-Recycle Boutique
Newsprint corset-Punk69
Black fingerless net gloves-Claire's
Black patterned fishnets-The Warehouse
Red fishnets-God only knows
Black slides-Recycle Boutique
I actually was wearing two pairs of fishnets, but for some reason the picture came out looking like I was wearing black fishnets over solid red tights. Oh well-take my word for it, it looked really cool! This dress is really lovely and super-comfortable-it's a black cotton jersey that's the simplest thing in the world to wear. I love wrap dresses, but it's hard to find one that's appropriately elegant and Gothic! I lucked out in this one, because it has little buttoned cuffs and puff sleeves that are vaguely Victorian-esque. 


  1. lol!

    Wow, I really thought the red fishnets were tights. Either way, it's a great effect! Wrap dresses are the absolute best. They are so classy and flattering. And those sleeves.... You look gorgeous!