Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm A Bit Maroon'ed...

After a couple days of punkier outfits, I was ready to return to my more elegant Victorian-Goth roots today. I decided to do it in style!
Black lace long-sleeved top-Salvation Army
Maroon underbust corset-Canal Boat Trading
Black velvet knee-length skirt-Arc
Lace tights-Random mall store
Black wedges-Recycle Boutique
I was honestly really disappointed in these tights-they were too big and kept sagging down around the ankles if I didn't pull them up every two seconds. Sadness! Lace tights and a lace top were probably not the best choice for a cold, rainy/windy day either... I may have been cold, but at least I looked good, though! I cannot get over the weirdness of having to wear warm clothes in June. My body says "June! It's time for warmies and sunshine, yay!" and then is confused when there's cold weather. At least I had my nice velvety skirt and lovely taffeta corset to keep me warm! I really like this corset-it's long-line and the color is a really dark, rich lovely red. Sometimes simplicity is best, and when you have a shimmering iridescent taffeta like the one this corset is made of, letting the fabric speak for itself works. 


  1. How very unfortunate that your tights are so uncomfortable since they look fantastic on the pic. I love the combination of lace and the red satin corset!

  2. I love this! Sorry about your tights, lace tights tend to do that. I have a pair that does the same thing.

  3. I'd rather my tights be too big than too small. Even if they are too big, your outfit is quite nice.

  4. I've never had luck with lace tights, either. They never seem to have enough stretch, so they bunch up around the knees and ankles. But you can't tell from a distance, and your whole outfit is just perfect! I have been enjoying your casual looks, but this looks like the true "you".