Monday, June 4, 2012

Red and Black Week Day Two: Stripes and Jacks

Just a note: Because I'm in NZ and 18 hours ahead of everyone, my posts are going to be a bit wonked timewise, so I apologize for that. But onto the important bit: THE CLOTHES!
Nightmare Before Christmas tie-random Wellington shop
Black t-shirt-Forever21
Black vest-Arc
Black mesh skirt-Paper Bag Princess
Black and red stripe handwarmers-Claire's
Black and red striped socks-London street stall
Black chunky Mary Janes-The Warehouse
I seem to be on a bit of a punky tear this week. It's different, but I like it-it makes me feel insouciant and saucy, rather than my usual elegantly whimsical. The tie has little Jack Skellingtons on it, and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I don't care if wearing a tie like this is a wee bit Avril Lavigne circa 2005, it's so cool. And because it's a Tim Burton reference, I had to bring along ye olde stripes as well. I bought these socks in a street stall in London when I was there five years ago, and they are starting to show their age a little, alas. I'll be very sad when they (and the rainbow and black/rainbow striped pairs I bought at the same time) finally go-I feel like they were some of my first pieces of Goth style clothing, before I really identified as Goth but when I knew I liked black and darkly elegant, macabre, and enchanting things. They're also a memento of the first time I left the United States, for a two-week trip to England the summer after my freshman year of high school. If you'd told me then that I would be wearing them five years later in Wellington, New Zealand, to go to film classes in my final week at Victoria University, I never would have believed you. It's funny how much memory and significance can be wrapped up in two simple pieces of yarn and spandex! These socks are one of my favorite items of red and black clothing, and I'm happy to be able to feature them. :)


  1. Hi dear! Thanx for your lovely compliment at my entry..

    I love your cute version of punkish goth..

  2. Thanks for your comment :D <3

    And I truly love this outfit you are wearing, the tie is awesome and i like how your gloves matches with your socks!

  3. How did I know you'd be wearing some red and black striped socks? LOL. You look awesome as always. I really like those hand warmers. Is the chain accent something you added?

  4. I love the red and black stripes, great outfit :)

  5. Those socks are so "you", doll! :D
    This punky style suits you, imo, the braided hair is really cute .

  6. So well composed outfit! Nice to have stripy armwarmers that match the stockings.

  7. It's so awesome to have clothing you bought during a special adventure to remind you of the experience each time you wear it. And now you're on anotheradventure, compounding the great memories! When the finally do go, you'll have to repourpose them into some kind of art piece you can keep!

  8. Great stripes! Love the skirt too

  9. I mourn the loss of my socks as well. I'm still not over a particular pair of black and white stripes.

  10. HOLY SMOKES! I have the same gloves!!! :) And those socks -- love 'em. Funny story ... I bought a pair of striped socks when I was in London too. hmmm ... ;)