Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Ruffly Return

Hi, all! Sorry for my absence the last month, but first I was unpacking everything after coming back from New Zealand and then I was repacking everything to come back up to Denver and somehow blogging just got lost in the shuffle. I'm back at school and regularly mixing it up with cute outfits, though, so hopefully I'll be able to be the blogger you, my lovely readers, really deserve. Without further ado, here is today's outfit:
Skull necklace-Gift
Sailor collared blouse-Buffalo Exchange
White t-shirt-Wal-Mart
Ruffled two-layered plaid skirt-Buffalo Exchange
Navy kneesocks-K-mart
Heeled Mary Janes-Ross
I was told by a boy I ran into on campus that I looked like an anime character, and while I can definitely see that looking at the outfit, I was going more for turn-of-the-century sailor girl. I snatched up the blouse only to find that it was just a *bit* too small in the bust, so rather than wear it gaping and straining at the buttons all day, I just opted to wear it open over a t instead. I love the floppy collar and simple cut of the blouse, and hope to use it as a pattern to make more in different color combinations-lavender with plum trim, neon green with black, black with red...the possibilities are endless! Do any of you own an item of clothing you'd like to have in a ton of color variations? 

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