Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Rainbow of Ruffles

Continuing with my ruffle theme from yesterday, one of my favorite items from NZ:
Hello, Derp Face. Boy, I haven't missed you. Ah well, that aside:
Mini top hat-Ebay
Apache tear necklace-Inherited
Black peasant blouse-Arc
Black pinstriped vest-Goodwill
Ruffled multi-colored skirt-Paper Bag Princess
Tights-Hot Topic
Black slides-Recycle Boutique
You can't see it in the picture (silly flash washout) but the vest has a fine silver pinstripe on it. I love it. I really like this skirt-it's so bright and colorful, and the ruffles give it a lot of motion. Basically, this outfit makes me really happy for no discernable reason except FUN! I want to make several skirts like this with some pretty taffetas I have. Can't wait to start sewing on them! 


  1. That's such a cute skirt! I love the clash of the black outfit and then the sudden colour overload :') xx