Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Insert Lame News/Print Pun Here

Yep, it's time for that awesomest of garments again...the newsprint corset! Since VictorianKitty made a special point of mentioning it in the comments on my last post, I decided to wear it today! I didn't actually have class today on account of it being ANZAC day (New Zealand's memorial day equivalent), but I figure, as long as I'm meeting friends to work on a group project and studying in the library for a paper due Friday, I might as well look fabulous doing it.
Black t-shirt-The Warehouse
Black halter vest-Fusion Federation
Newsprint Corset-Punk69
Black cotton gypsy skirt-Salvation Army
Patterned fishnets-Target
Black flats-Ross
I love this skirt a lot-it's super-full (probably 4 or 5 yards at the hem) and swishes around in a most appealing way when I walk. I wasn't sure about this outfit when I put it on, but seeing it in full, I like it-the corset and funky tights break up all the black and keep it from being too oppressive-looking! I get compliments on this corset every time I wear it; definitely one of my best and favorite purchases of forever. I miss the rest of my corsets (sitting back home some 8,000 miles away), but this one is far and away my favorite, desert-island-keeper of a corset, and I'm glad I brought it with me! 


  1. Lovely corset! Your outfit is very well put together and perfect for a day in the library.