Thursday, April 5, 2012

All My Cards On The Table

Or on my legs, as the case may be...I felt today was very much a black, white, and red kinda day. And this was the outfit that resulted:
Red lace blouse-Fiji flea market
Black and white polka-dot cami-Savers
Black vest corsetlet-Fusion Federation
Black ruffled skirt-Recycle Boutique
Playing card socks-Hot Topic
Black chunky Mary Janes-The Warehouse
I know I've worn this skirt a kajillion and two times in the past month, but I seriously love it more than words can express. It's subtly sexy (long in the back, but the folded-over front ruffle exposes more leg when I walk), comfortable, easy to wear, looks good, and adds an automatic steampunk/neo-Victorian touch to every outfit. When I saw it in the store I believe I ran over to it shouting "My precious! MY PRECIOUS! YOU WILL BE MINE!" Ok, nothing so dramatic, but I did snatch that puppy up pretty quick. About the only downside is that all those lovely pleated ruffles take about 20 minutes to iron every time I wear it and wash it...but I consider it time well-spent. 

Also, how fun are these socks? I would wear them a lot more often, except the Hot Topic sock designers  apparently used a drainpipe as the model for the leg, as they actually get SMALLER at the top and thus aren't terribly comfortable. Now I don't know about you, my lovelies, but my thighs are actually bigger than my calves, and thus ideally socks would be bigger at the top to accommodate that. But maybe I'm just a freak of nature, and most girls are going around with Bratz-doll toothpick legs. What do I know? :)


  1. What a charming outfit! It goes well with the background of your blog :-)

  2. Yep, that skirt would be mine too if I came across it. So be sure not to get to close to me while you are wearing it. ;)

  3. also love your skirt!! and i'm sure i had those tights too o.O somewhere...

  4. Aww, thank you all! It does match, doesn't it, Tenebris? Kakuidori, they were just Hot Topic, so you probably do. And Kitty, when I get home, I'm enlisting my mom (who knows more about drafting patterns than I do) to draft a pattern from the skirt when I get home so I can make more of them-if I'm successful, I'll send it on to you! :) And thanks, Bethezda-I do love 'em, if only they fit me better. :)