Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Corset-y Long-Skirt-Y Goodness, Two-For-One Edition

Sorry for my absence, I've been a busy bee lately! I didn't really have a specific theme in mind for this week, but by pure coincidence (and probably because the fall weather is finally showing its face here in Wellington and it's been chilly) my outfits yesterday and today both had a long skirt/corset in them, so I'm taking it and running:
Kimono-sleeved top-Paper Bag Princess
Red overbust corset-Punk69
Pleated chiffon skirt-Arc
Black boots-The Warehoue

Black arrow necklace-Arc
Black shrug-Paper Bag Princess
White tank top-Wal-Mart
Striped arm warmers-Artsmyths
Black corset-Punk69
Fishnet and satin skirt-Paper Bag Princess
Black boots-Ross
I've found that these make really good rainy-weather outfits-they look elegant and put together while allowing me to hide a multitude of tights and thermal leggings under them! I still can't get over the fact that May means I need to start dressing warmer-this reversed seasons thing is going to take me a while to get used to, that's for sure. And to think, when I go home (2 months and 5 days, time has flown!) I'll go from winter to dead summer...too strange. Good thing my vast wardrobe can accommodate all seasons with careful layering. :) Also, it's my Un-Birthday-6 months until the big 2-1! 

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