Monday, April 23, 2012

A Steamy Return!

No, not that way! Apologies for my absence, best beloved readers, but I've spent the last 12 days traipsing around the South Island of New Zealand on my spring break, living out of a suitcase and a van and having limited access to both showers and the Internet-not exactly conditions highly conducive to blogging! But I'm back, and in honor of AnomalyCon back home (which I couldn't go to for obvious reasons, being 8,000 miles away and all) I decided to go with a steampunk-influenced theme for this week's outfits. Apologies for the cockeyed picture-my tripod broke just as I was setting up to take the picture and I need to get another one, so bear with me!
Heart necklace-Arc
Sheer black blouse-NZ Clothing Company
Black lace cami-Arc
Fingerless gloves-Claire's
Purple satin skirt-Fiji flea market
Black chiffon skirt-Salvation Army
Black buckled boots-Ross
You can't really see it in the pic, but this skirt is a lovely deep plum color. I came to NZ with only black, white, red and a bit of grey in my wardrobe, and told myself that I'd live with that, but darned if I don't keep finding pretty items of other colors that I just can't resist! And really, a Goth girl can never have enough purple in her wardrobe, so...
Anyway, that's today's outfit. Stay tuned for more steamy and Victorian-influenced goodness as the week progresses-I'm glad to be back! 


  1. Gorgeous outfit, that skirt is beautiful ! *steals...* muahahaha ;) x

  2. Seriously, I want a friend just like you in real life. :) I'm the only "strange" person in school, and it's making me lonely.

  3. Thanks, Sophie! It's actually two skirts...I love doing the fake bustle thing! :) And Marmalade, hang tough, honey. I was the only strange person too, until I graduated, and then I found many more fabulous folks like me in college, and the blogging community is great. I know the massive sucktitude of being the odd ball out, but you will find people IRL who are like you-find the real local Goth shops (not HT), go to steampunk will find them, I promise! :)