Monday, February 13, 2012

Monthly Homework Assignment: "I Forgot I Own This!"

So, in January I missed Le Professor Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment, but this month I actually remembered to check, and I'm glad I did! The challenge was to wear something you haven't worn in quite a while, and I knew I had just the thing:

Cream-colored lace overblouse-Inherited
Black taffeta vintage dress-Buffalo Exchange
Black lace armwarmers-Icing
Black tights-Wal-Mart
Black stompy boots-DAV Thrift
With this dress, it's not so much "I forgot I have this" as it is "I love this, but I haven't worn it in forever because it's vintage and sort of falling apart and I haven't had a chance to do repairs. You can actually see the spot in the dress where the center front seam is coming out and a little bit of my bellybutton is showing through-hence the "I haven't worn this in ages!" that qualified this dress for my homework this month!
Fally-apart or not, though-I do love this dress. First, I have a wide ribcage and big hips, so it's really rare for me to find vintage that fits. Second, it has a bustle detail in the back, done with lace. I love it so much, I actually squeed when I lifted it up in the store and saw the sweep of the bustle. The lace is a bit full of holes, too-but I just pretend it's intentional so I can achieve an air of decadent decay, and no one has questioned it yet! This dress is going back in the closet for a while, until I get back from New Zealand and have time to do proper repairs, but I was glad to be able to give it one last outing before I left, thanks to this fun homework assignment. :)


  1. Wait a sec... You're handy with a sewing machine. Get thee to mending that dress!! ;) Or just put a corset over it!

    The good thing about lace, being inherently full of holes, is it hides damage fairly well. The shape of the skirt and bustle are lovely. You look so pretty!!!

  2. YAY! STOMPY BOOTS with a gorgeous lacy blouse and floofy dress! You look absolutely adorable. And those gloves are a perfect match! AWESOME!

    Thanks for participating!

  3. Yap, yap, you must repair this dress, it's lovely! But indeed, a corset would also help and it would even add to the vintage feel. Also, nice accessories can help and they'd even draw the attention from the holes, I think, a pearl necklace would be great. ^^