Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sew Very Goth: Tim Burton-Esque Edition

When I was home over Thanksgiving break, I happened to wander by the smallish fabric section of our local Wal-Mart, and what did I see? Only the best thing a Goth can hope for: Black and white striped fabric! I immediately planned to buy all that was left on the bolt, only to get a second, even better surprise: It was $.87 a yard, and there were 8 and 1/2 yards. I knew IMMEDIATELY what I wanted to do with it! I'd had this Simplicity pattern laying around for a while:

And I'd been coveting this one for quite a while, so I took the excuse to buy it off eBay:
I put the two of 'em together, and came out with this ensemble:

Apologies for my wonk-face in this picture, I have no idea why I look like that. 
Black collared blouse-Wal-Mart
Black and white striped coat-vest-Made by me
Black underbust corset-Fusion Federation
Black and white striped ruffled skirt-Made by me
Skull socks-TJ Maxx
White Mary Jane heels-Hot Topic
The skirt is actually fully reversible; the other side is white satin with a black and red pinstripe. I am so proud of this outfit, I can't even tell you. If the vest looks a little unfinished, that's because it was-I was too excited to wear it to worry about topstitching and putting the last hook in place, hence the pearl pin in the middle. Tune in soon for the other two pieces I'm making out of this fabric, because they are also awesome. :)


  1. That is an amazing fabric find and I love what you came up with! Sweetie has to physically restrain me when I see stripey fabric. I always want to buy it when I see it even if I do not have a project in mind. I also have both of those patterns but have yet to make them. I want to make the second outfit in pink and black stripes.

  2. Bravo! Nice job! Great idea to make the skirt reversible.

  3. Lovely and good job matching up the stripes! I once tried a Butterick pattern a lot like the red dress on the Simplicity 2207 and completely mauled about $40 buck of beautiful fabric before I just gave up. ;)

  4. Thank you all! Electrobat, I think it would look great in pink and black stripes-I wish there were more fabric like that easily available, because thanks to Jillian Venters I find that combination irresistible. Thanks, Bane-I'll probably take a pic of the other side sometime soon! And Lady Bethezda, don't get discouraged-I usually make a muslin with cheapie fabric first, though I didn't for these because they're pretty simple.