Monday, January 30, 2012

Stripes, Parts Deux and Trois

Yes, more stripes from me. Are you surprised? I told you I was addicted! First up, this was my Chorale outfit two weeks ago, in which the correct answer to the old riddle "What's black and white and red all over?" is Jamie:

Black lace shrug-Love Culture
Skeleton hands necklace-Forever 21
Red tank top-Savers
Black and white striped corsetlet-Fusion Federation
Black and white striped arm warmers-Artsmyths
Black ruffled skirt-Goodwill
Red tights-Target
Ruby slippers-Hot Topic
I forgot to take a picture of the back of the shoes, but they actually have a black and white striped heel and are too adorable for words, even though they make my feet hurt. I felt very Tim Burton-esque in this outfit, which of course made me happy!
The next outfit was from last week, when I was in a purple sort of mood:
Black dragon necklace-Asian Gifts
Pinstripe blazer-Plato's Closet
Pink cami-Forever 21
Black/purple striped handwarmers-Claire's
Black overbust corset-Punk69
Black asymmetrical ruffle skirt-Goodwill
Purple striped tights-TJ Maxx
Vampire shoes-Hot Topic
Annoying Siamese who is affronted I interrupted her leisurely drink at the water bowl-Denver Dumb Friends League
Once again, cute shoes that make my brain and style sense happy and my feet sad. Are there any other kind? Actually, both these pairs of shoes were Hot Topic clearance-which is good, because $12 for the red ones and $15 for the vampire ones is a lot more acceptable to my excessively thrifty brain than $45-60 a pair regular price! I think I've become addicted to fingerless gloves/handwarmers/whatever-you-care-to-call-'ems-I've actually had a lot of mine for quite some time, but I've been making a concerted effort to actually wear them more. Since I'm going to New Zealand in less than 3 weeks (eek!), and I'm taking one large and one carry-on bag worth of clothes for five months (double eek!), so I've been practicing accessorizing with small, light things like jewelry and handwarmers. That way, when I have less clothes, I can still do a variety of fun outfits by changing up the details! Have any of you ever had to travel with a limited wardrobe? How did you work it out? 


  1. Those are lovely outfits! I cannot bring myself to wear heels. Luckily, Iron Fist makes most of their designs in flats.

  2. outfits are awesome. kitty rocks too. i'm addicted to stripes as well. :)

  3. STRIPES!!! :) I like the purple outfit the best. I like your matching hand warmers and tights.

  4. Perfect use of a blazer over a corset. This combination can be tough to pull off, but yours shows enough of the corset that it totally makes sense.

    In my experience, there are good heels and bad heels (in terms of comfort). Sadly, the good heels often come with a higher price tag. Worse yet, you can't really tell until after you buy them whether the investment will be worth it; $60 later you might still be uncomfortable. :( Part of it is also the wearer, of course. Some people are just naturally more adaptable to heels, and getting your feet used to them makes a difference, too. For me, Pleaser shoes are almost always extremely comfortable (and run $35 and up) but that's no guarantee that they would be so reliable for other people.

    Have fun in New Zealand! It will be an awesome challenge in fashion blogging; I hope you'll keep us updated from time to time!

  5. Thank you all! VictorianKitty, I definitely agree about the heels-my birthday-present Pleaser heels (which were $48 on sale) have a nearly 4-inch heel but are so much more comfortable. And I'm definitely planning on continuing blogging in NZ, I think it will be a great challenge to keep making cute, versatile outfits with a much more limited supply of clothes. :D

  6. i love your ideas and how you style your self :)