Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slightly Dirty Victorian

Well, typical of my usual New Year's Resolutions, I seem to have promised to become a better, more frequent blogger only to promptly disappear from the Internet for a week due to a soul-sucking flu/cold combination. But never fear, lovely readers-I'm back with a vengance today. I was inspired by Kitty Lovett's Year of the Filthy Victorians but didn't entirely meet her requirements, and thus don't really feel I've earned full Filthy Victorian status. Instead, here's my idea of a slightly dirty Victorian:
Black and silver striped button-down-Goodwill
Butterfly pin-Arc
Grey wool vest-Arc
Black-black striped underbust corset-The Crypt
Black silky skirt with ruffle-Arc
Black laced-up handwarmers-Claire's
Zippered boots-Ross
Because the pin is so lovely, I had to do a close-up of it:
Apologies for the low-ish quality of the picture; I was trying out the cameras on my new tablet, and I'm still getting used to them! Overall, I was quite pleased with the outfit; I liked how the swirliness of the skirt contrasted with the more menswear-inspired button-down and vest, and I felt rather rakish with just the bottom buckle on my corset poking out from underneath my vest. I haven't really done much with wearing corsets under, rather than over, other clothing-I know, I know, they were actually underwear and such, but I just love the look of them so much that I try not to hide them away! Now that I've done it, though, I'm actually rather enamored of the notion of a corset under a vest, so keep your eyes peeled in the future for more such outfits. 


  1. This may be my favorite outfit that you have posted! I love it. :)

  2. lol! Excellent title. :) You've really outdone yourself with this outfit. I like it very much! The gloves are such an awesome touch to keep this outfit in the Gothy realm, yet everything is brilliantly neo-Victorian. Looking forward to seeing where you take the Corset Under Vest theme! :-D