Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Running Away To Join The Circus

Ok, I didn't actually run away to join the circus. I just looked like I was going to. Outfit from community band last Tuesday, complete with elephants, dancing ladies, and a mini top-hat:

Red mini top hat-Gift from a friend
Bronze medallion necklace-Downtown Duds
Red flowered blazer-Goodwill
Black ruffled camisole-Goodwill
Circus-print vintage skirt-Arc
Black lace handwarmers-Claire's
Red and black vertical striped tights-Hot Topic
Victorian heeled ankle boots-Ross
When I bought this skirt, I was a little worried that it might be a bit of a one-trick pony, so to speak-the print is so wild and distinctive that I thought I wouldn't really be able to wear it in a lot of ways. $4 for a vintage (I'd guess 1950s-1960s) skirt in near-perfect condition that actually fit me was too good to pass up, but I didn't know how often I would be able to wear it. However, I think I managed to make an appreciably different outfit with it this time than I did the last time I wore it, here. I think it has depths of versatility yet to be explored-who knows, maybe I'll end up wearing it all the time and end up being the crazy girl with the circus skirt! I think the problem is, in my mind versatility has pretty much always equaled plain, unadorned black. It isn't until recently that I have been able to see something patterned, printed, striped, or colored and go "Hey! That'll make a great basic, versatile piece!" I've been fighting with my fashion preconceptions lately, and I'm proud to say I'm winning. 


  1. That really is one of the cutest outfits I have seen for a while. This style looks perfect on you. Love it!


  2. The striped tights go perfectly with that fun skirt! And I adore the floral blazer, too much for words. Great job carrying the reds throughout the outfit!