Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Black Blackety Black Black

Today, I went monochrome for the first time in Lord only knows how long. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances involving my brother's car breaking down, my cat choosing the absolute worst time and place to throw up, and an invasion of mutant purple sea monkeys from outer space (I may or may not be kidding about that last one), I just didn't have the energy to try and deal with color today. I still wanted to look and feel cute for visiting my cousins in Fort Collins, though, so I put together some of my favorite pieces of noir:
And here's my outfit in total!
Black camisole with lace trim-Goodwill
Black pocketed vest-Buffalo Exchange
Pleated silky black skirt-Goodwill
Faux-garter tights-Forever 21
Black combat boots-DAV Thrift

This is me making my exasperated "take the picture already, Storm!" face at my brother. He's a professional photographer, which is awesome when I want some really good-looking shots or to do a shoot...and frustrating when I'm just like "I need a five second picture for my blog. No, it doesn't have to be a work of art!", while he patters on about ideal lighting and exposure and such.

 I derped while wearing the vest and forgot to have him take a picture of the back, which is a really pretty black lace and looks really cool when worn with a jewel-tone cami peeking through. But considering this vest is one of my favorite pieces of clothing and worn a LOT, I don't doubt I'll be posting it on here again to show y'all, so no worries! I even managed to thwart my cousins' evil white Siamese by standing away from him while I was petting him, and refusing to pick him up. (He's not really evil, he's actually quite sweet, he just has laser-targeted shedding that he activates when he gets close to anyone wearing any kind of dark-colored clothing.) Despite the stresses the day started out with, it ended up quite fun-I got some new fabric and some cool new clothes, and some lonely ol' composition dolls that need some serious restoration. (Yes, I have weird hobbies. Don't look at me like that.) Oh, and a set of three Holly Black books from my fave little used bookstore-look for some reviews soon! I've read two before, but not for quite a while-I remember really liking Tithe and Valiant both when I read them in 8th-9th grade, so I'm excited to see if they hold up on re-read.

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  1. Just sexy enough! ;-D And I love the tights.

    My cats have the same hair-flinging skills. Somehow the hair manages to stick back on me even after leaving the house! :)