Friday, July 1, 2011

Corsets, Beads, and Valiant Deeds

No, I have not actually done any particular valiant deeds lately-I just liked the rhyme. I almost didn't do the lovely SophistiqueNoir's bead theme post, because I didn't think I had any beaded stuff-but I forgot about this top, which I love, love LOVE! 
Black empire-waist jersey dress-Repeat Boutique
Beaded shrug-tank thingie-Repeat Boutique
Silver jacquard corset-Punk69
Here's a close-up of the shrug-thing. I've actually had this for over four years-I bought it my freshman year of high school, and I don't wear it that often because I'm kind of afraid of it falling apart. I got it for around $6, which I'm pretty sure was an insane deal because I've seen similar pieces online and at the Ren Faire for $75 and up. I just love it-it feels armor-ish and fierce at the same time that it's feminine and slinkily seductive. I always feel like a character out of a Tamora Pierce book when I wear it-awesome, bold, and ready to kick some major ass. Not too bad an accomplishment for what I'm fairly certain is a bellydance top! If I ever realize my ambition to be a real bellydancer instead of playing one at Ren Faire, I'm quite certain this top will feature prominently in my ensembles. 

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