Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black and Red Week Day 3

Sorry, no continue on the DIY on account of some things unexpectedly coming up today, but I do have an outfit post!
 Mini top hat-eBay
Necklace-Repeat Boutique
Sparkly black dress-Thrifted
Red and black corset-Punk69
Black sling-back patent shoes-Savers
 Here's a better picture of the main part of the outfit-I apologize for looking so sulky in both these pictures, I have no idea why I have that expression on my face-I'm really quite a cheerful person, generally! And I know some people hate tiny top hats for whatever reason, but I love them, and they make me happy, so I continue to wear them.
 Sorry for the blurry pic, I'll try to get a better one later on-you'll be seeing this necklace A LOT, since I adore it and wear it all the time. it's a little goblin with the most mischievous expression on his face. Plus, some of the old fuddy-duddies in my hometown think it's a demon, and this upsets them, so I carry on wearing it with my most cheerful smile. (Yes, I can be somewhat evil at times. But only to people who make snide and totally unwarranted comments about my outfits.)
Here's my attempt at a detail shot on the dress-it really doesn't do it justice. It has these great sparkly sequin patterns, and tons of little mesh flowers, and I adore it-along with my two ruffly black jersey dresses it is one of the essentials of my wardrobe. It's cute, fun, unique, and flirty-and super comfy, always a plus.
Hope this makes for a sufficient red and black outfit-I wore it to band, and got one snide "What are you supposed to be?" and three "You look really good"s, so overall, I think I'm doing pretty well, considering I live in Redneckville, USA, where anything other than jeans and a t-shirt gets you tons of funny looks, if not outright verbal abuse. I'm actually not really going anywhere for the rest of the week, but I kind of want to put together some other cool red and black outfits, just because I enjoy doing it. I love the idea of theme weeks personally, since I kind of do it unofficially myself during the school year-on Sunday I decide what color I'm going to wear (well, what color and black!), paint my nails to match, and then have my outfits all set up in a general-ish fashion. You'll all see this if you have the patience with me to read through to the middle of next August-the only reason I didn't do it in May was because I had really limited space (living somewhat illegally in a friend's campus housing makes for fun adventures!), so it was basically whatever stuff I could fit into a suitcase + whatever stuff I picked up while thrifting. It worked out, though- I am very bad at "packing light", so to speak, and it was definitely an interesting exercise for me!


  1. ooh I love tiny top hats too!! I like your outfit, it definitely inspired a few ideas of my own, thanks :)

  2. Lovely outfit! I think we might have the same corset...only mine is a darker shade of red, or perhaps it just looks that way. I'm wearing it in my previous post for Red & Black week:

  3. Beautiful! I too have a similar corset, but mine is *bright* red and doesn't have the nice ruffles at the top and bottom. At least, not yet. ;-D

    I know what you mean about building your outfits for the week around your nail polish. I hate wearing purple when my nails are red, or vice versa. It's a funny little quirk, but I think it's endearing. ;)

    Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!