Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black and Ivory-ChurchyGoth Edition

I could've made a dreadful Ebony and Ivory pun in the post title, but I didn't. Aren't you proud of me? This is actually one of my favorite color combos; it has a cool elegance and sort of antique-y air, and comes across very delicate and china-doll-ish. It's also great for summer, because it's cool and comfortable but still looks very goth.
Cream lace and chiffon dress-Thrifted (Arc?)
Black taffeta corset-Punk69
Black sandals-Demonia via Goodwill
Showing off my snood-a lot of people pooh-pooh them on account of "they are old-ladyish" or some such twaddle, but I love them. I think they are a quick simple way to achieve and elegant and put-together looking hairstyle for really long hair. I also love this dress-I am not kidding, I seriously have this exact dress in five different colors: Cream, navy, forest green, lilac, and the all-important black. I've found them all at different thrift stores in different parts of the state at different times, and every time I see one I snatch it up. The crinkles, lace, and chiffon all combine to make a dress that can be casually elegant or extremely dressy depending on how and what you wear it with. They're extremely cool and comfortable, great for wearing with corsets, and just generally awesome pieces of clothing. I've tried to do some research on the company, but since it's called "Nostalgia Clothing", googling does little good. I'd love to have it in even more colors if I can find it-a brilliant crimson or a warm aubergine would be lovely, so despite already having five of them, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more. (You start to see why my wardrobe is so massive...) Do any of you have one item of clothing in more than three colors because you love it so much?

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  1. That is a great dress. Versatile, feminine, and just a touch Victorian. And it does look great with a corset!!

    I have the Frederick's corset (the one I wore for Red & Black Week) in three colors (black, red and magenta), and I'm planning to get it in white and purple also. They are really cheap pieces of junk, but so inexpensive and the colors are so pretty! :-D

    PS: I love snoods, too!

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