Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wack-tober:Steampunk Pants Fun!

These are not cosplays, but they both count as Wack-tober for me because they involve an element none-too-frequently seen in my outfits: Pants! Well, bloomers. And knickers. Still, bifurcated bottom garments-not something I do that often! But it is Wack-tober, after all-and for me, pants are definitely out of the ordinary. Here's the first:
Black and navy blouse-Arc
Black velvet underbust-Buffalo Exchange
Black pantalets-Buffalo Exchange
Rainbow socks-British shop
Black round-toed Mary Janes-Ross
I wore this last Sunday to go to the doll show with my mom. I got the pins on the corset there-I really like them, and think they add a lot of pop to the outfit! I'm now rather enamoured of the idea of wearing brooches and pins on my corsets for decoration. 

And here was last night's outfit, for a Rasputina concert!
Black lace bolero-Love Culture
Cream blouse-Fiji flea market
Black and cream underbust-Punk69
Bloomers-Made by me
Black flowered tights-Target
Black and white striped stocking-Hot Topic
Mary Jane heels-Goodwill
Sorry for the slightly blurry picture-it was rather late last night when I got home from the concert, so I didn't notice the picture was blurry when I took it. I'm rather proud of these bloomers-they were actually a very small pair of children's bloomers I got from Goodwill, then split open and put large panels of cream-colored satin (scavenged from another skirt) on the side. It was a pretty simple endeavor, but I really like the results. They are super comfortable and easy to wear, and the perfect thing to wear to see one of my favorite bands. :)

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  1. I really love these outfits! Granted, rainbow socks are not my thing, but still awesome.