Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Whole of my Undoing

I love black and white patterns. They have a way of taking the two simplest and starkest colors, and making them fun and whimsical. (Sign I spend too much time around Regretsy: I totally typed whimsicle there, and very nearly followed it up with fuckery.) Anyhoodle, here's my totally Oreo outfit:
Black raschel lace blouse: Goodwill
Black and white gingham corset: Punk69
Black and white gypsy skirt: Savers
Black and white Mary Janes: Hot Topic
Stripey White/Black handwarmers: Claire's
I love, love, love this skirt. It's black and white with lace (point!), gypsy style and tiered (point!), rayon without looking cheap or plastic (point!), and thus doesn't wrinkle, ever (one thousand points!). Yes, I am wearing one black and one white shoe-I have one black and one white pair of these cheapie HT Mary Janes, and I wore one of each because I don't believe in doing anything halfway. :)

1 comment:

  1. Great outfit! I adore black and white. What a fun skirt! But I especially love the blouse in this one. And the Mary Janes. Too bad Hot Topic doesn't make most of their shoes in size 5. :(