Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Gallery Serpentine Grand Return!

Hello, my duckies! Sorry for the long absence, but I was busy packing, going to Australia, flying home, and recovering from jet lag and sewing and doing many fabulous-yet-sad things as I said goodbye to NZ. BUT, I have a treat for you, based on my treat for myself. Since I knew I was going to be in Australia, I decided in early June to order a corset from Gallery Serpentine as a memento of my Study Abroad and a gift to myself. I picked it up on the 6th of July when I was in Sydney, and at $260 it is the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever owned-but so comfortable and flattering and beautiful that I find it worth every penny! It's a good thing I was already full up on luggage and limited on money, or I quite possibly would have bought the entire stock of the store, it was that beautiful! If you are ever in Sydney, you simply MUST go there. It's like Willy Wonka's factory for Goths and fans of beautiful clothing alike.
Black jersey dress-Ross
Ruby Dead Tech underbust-Gallery Serpentine
Chunky black shoes-Repeat Boutique
Something great about this corset is that it's unique and distinctive, but also easy to dress up or down. I can't wait to put it into a full steampunk ensemble complete with ruffled blouse, top hat, and layers and layers of skirts-but it works just as well here as the centerpiece of an otherwise simple outfit. And this isn't the only exciting corset-based thing I have in the offing-coming soon, my how-to on how to make a new corset out of an old one that's too big. I'm glad to be back, lovelies, and can't wait to be blogging regularly again!


  1. Love it! You look fantastic in this underbust. I have heard of Gallery Serpentine, they are awesome designers!

  2. Ooooooh, so pretty! And I know others who have bought from GS and adore what they own from them.

  3. wow, it is beautiful. Looks GREAT on your waist too. Cinched tight! YEAH!!! LOL