Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas-Goth, Day 1...4...Heck, Who Knows?

Hi, gentle readers! Deepest apologies for my absence from the blog-o-sphere for the past week, I've been prepping for finals and things have gotten pretty crazy. I have been faithfully recording my outfits, though-I've gone red and green this week, to celebrate the coming Christmas (for me, at least) holidays. I'll just go ahead and post today's outfit for today, and keep the rest in reserve for when I'm at home (in less than a week, yay!) and generally wearing nothing more fascinating than leggings and big t-shirts. :) 
Heart necklace-Arc 
Pinstriped blazer-Plato's Closet
Green peacock feather corset-Punk69
Black and red brocade skirt-Savers
Black suede pirate boots-Shoe Carnival
I love this skirt-it's so elegant and classic, it makes me feel like a princess! And no one could tell I was wearing fleece-lined leggings underneath to protect my legs from the cold, so score one for deceptively comfy elegance. I was quite happy with this outfit, actually-I think it really managed to be festive without being too "Christmas-y" and I just felt super-classy all day long. It was the combination of the pretty corset (this is one of my favorites), the "professional" blazer, and the wonderful, wonderful skirt. I'm actually fairly certain, given the fact that the hem of this skirt was obviously put in by hand and the fabric is an extremely high quality silk brocade, that this skirt was once the bottom half of someone's prom dress. I'm very glad they decided to pass it on so I could throw a little princess into my everyday look! 

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  1. Oh.. I absolutely love that skirt! I've been looking for a black and red skirt for ages and haven't found that perfect one yet. As usual your outfit is gorgeous! :)